The essence of our breads

The use of natural leaven as a rising agent is the noble method, chosen by bakers for many centuries. Made of flour, water, sugar or honey and submitted to a natural acid fermentation, the leaven is a sensible living material that assures the rise of the dough.

Natural leaven is the essence of Maison Kayser’s breads and viennoiseries, and what distinguishes them from industrial recipes. Through using natural leaven, the acidity in our products is perfectly managed. The lactic type of fermentation enables all Eric Kayser’s breads to be tastier with a subtle hint of milk and hazelnuts, stored for longer, and to have the best possible nutritional values.

The Fermentolevain: Innovation for quality

As a living and fragile material, the leaven requires day and night care from the Artisan Baker: A binding commitment which explains why many bakers switch to less care-demanding industrial yeast.

Eric Kayser overcame this constraint by bringing the technology at the service of quality. In 1994 he designed the Fermentolevain with Patrick Castagna, a smart machine that assures the best conditions of temperature and humidity, which in turn helps to produce the best quality leaven. The Fermentolevain machine has been specially imported from France to Hong Kong to produce authentic Eric Kayser breads.

We customize our own flour

At Maison Kayser we only use carefully selected flours from cereals produced in good integrated farming and transformed in mills that meet our quality charter.

Eric Kayser collaborated with milling companies to customize the best mixes of premium flours for his recipes.

Give time to time

A good baker must not rush. A good bread rest for 12 hours on linen canvas before baking. This long fermentation period is the key moment of the process when the miracle happens: The bread doubles in size and hundreds of aromas develop to reach the highest gustative potential.

Respectful of the French artisan baking tradition, all our breads are slowly hand-kneaded in-house to receive one by one all the care they need from the baker’s hands.

Passing on the Know-how

From the very early stage Eric Kayser surrounded himself with talented and reliable coworkers. Today Maison Kayser hires 2500 passionate men and women who produce, advice and proudly sell our products everyday, sharing the same love of good bread and artisanal work.

From head bakers to sales assistants, each staff receives a training on site or in Paris to master the Kayser’s signature. Our Chefs are appointed to pass on the knowledge that they themselves received in Maison Kayser original bakeries in France. Within the group, great career opportunities exist for those with initiative and talent.